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  • Getting Started

    Our organizer is designed to save you time during the interview process and to also comply with IRS regulations. Our goal is to give you the best experience possible. Please complete this form when you have all of your documents available for attachment to this form. Please do not send documents containing sensitive information via email. You should use your Client Communications portal if you miss anything while completing this form. You may also fax documents to 240 673 0070. This is an electronic fax number and is the same as our phone number for your convivence. You do not need to call ahead before faxing. Once we receive all of your information, you will receive an invoice and a phone call for an interview.
  • Privacy Statement

    7Links CPAs & Advisors, LLC does not disclose any nonpublic information obtained in the course of business except as required or permitted by law. Permitted disclosures will include providing information to employees and, in limited situations, to Third Party Service Providers or Subcontractors who are assisting in the matter. We will undertake reasonable precautions to safeguard Taxpayer’s information.


We Speak Your Language
Accounting is the language of enterprise, and we speak it fluently. We can translate your goals into plans, your operations into results, and your oversight into clarity.

In an ever-changing business environment, the firm’s commitment has remained the same: Service, Quality, and Integrity.


Contact Us

  • 8119 Shannon Aly
  • Laurel MD 20724
  • Phone: 2405995907, 2404863003
  • Fax: 2406730070
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